Friends and Advocates of Music Education supports the activities and opportunities of the award-winning Music Department of the Milton Public Schools. We welcome parents, students and members of the Milton community to join us in our volunteer efforts to assist with school concerts and other events, as well as projects that raise money to provide additional supports for music education and to fund scholarships for graduating seniors from Milton High School.

Milton student musicians on the New York music trip.

Help the Wildcats Marching Band!

Would you send your quarterback into the game without his jersey? Would you want to see your point guard playing in her blue jeans? The Milton High School uniform brings our teams together and instills pride in all of us Wildcat fans.

There's a MHS team playing without proper uniforms and we're asking for your help to support this group of students who add a vital dimension to Wildcat pride.

The Wildcat Marching Band was revived in 2010 under the direction of our dedicated music teachers, Rebecca Damiani and Gary Good. Five years later, the MHS marching band is thriving. We think it's time to make a modest investment in these student musicians. This would be the first time since the 1970s that we have seen uniforms on the MHS marching band.

How can you contribute to new Marching Band uniforms?

Learn more on this page. Or save a click by going straight to the fundraising page, http://www.gofundme.com/n2z58c!

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