Who or What is FAME?


FAME is an organization of parents which helps support music activities and opportunities in the Milton Public Schools. Although it began at Milton High School, it is now expanding to include families of music students in all of the Milton Public Schools. We welcome and encourage participation by parents of students at all levels of music education, parents of former music students, or anyone in the community.

FAME Steering Committee meetings are generally held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7 PM at Milton High School.

What do we do?


Fund-raising - FAME began with the purpose of helping the students at the high school level raise money for the trips that they take each year to participate in music festivals in other parts of the country. This fund-raising is a very important part of what we do.

Support for the Music Department - We try to provide “helping hands” to the music faculty when we can. The music teachers in the Milton Music program put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to provide special opportunities for our children to perform. We try to supply whatever support we can. This may mean carrying boxes of citrus fruit, selling tickets at a concert, driving in a car pool, or providing clerical services.

Advocating for the Music Program in the wider Milton community - Promoting community awareness of student musical achievement and recognition of outstanding music directors and teachers is another primary goal of FAME. We would like others in the community to see and hear the outstanding work being done by the music organizations in the Milton Public Schools.

Future goals - We hope to continue to strengthen the link and the communication between parents of music students and the Music Department in the Milton Schools. We hope to continue to be able to bring quality musical events, to the wider Milton community. We hope to continue to advocate for the music program, to continue to provide financial support (perhaps one day in the form of scholarships) and generally do what we can to enhance the musical experience of the students involved in the program. The possibilities seem endless…

Please join us as part of FAME. Lend your support to the Music Program of the Milton Public Schools!